January (2018) Socks

January (2018) Socks

Aw, look at those little sock butts. I used Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator sock pattern to make these highly-satisfying afterthought-heel leg tubes. I really can’t decide if I’m a fan of the fit on this type of construction but I do love the simplicity of making a nice long sausage casing with a touch of shaping at the toe. It’s very soothing. Until you have to put in the heel and things become fiddly and confusing and somewhat hilarious aesthetically. Hence, the sock butts.

The yarn is really the star of the show. I snapped up this awesome self-striping skein from Gynx Yarns, a lovely Etsy shop that is no longer in business. The colorway is “Preppy Gothic Mermaid,” which is an inside joke of sorts between Laura, the dyer behind Gynx, and her two podcaster/knitter friends. The navy/white stripes are “preppy,” the grey/mauve are “gothic” and the blue/green are the “mermaid.” Each descriptor represents one of the people in the friend trio, if you will. Although I’m aware of the backstory I really purchased this yarn because I think the colors work well together, and Laura is (was) a wonderful dyer. I only have one skein left of her yarn and although I’m looking forward to casting it on, I’m sad knowing it will be my last opportunity to enjoy Laura’s fun colorways.

I knit the heel using a OOAK skein from Voolenvine Yarns that turned out a lot more peachy than pink, unfortunately. After I did the first heel I considered ripping it out and finding a better match but the realist in me said, “you want to be done with these.” Anyway, no one (especially not me) is going to see the heel when these are on my feet. Note to self, check color matching by a window with good light, not in your imaginary mind’s eye, in the dark, at 10 PM.

The light in these photos is disturbingly blue (even after a bit of Photoshop adjustment), and I think that’s because I imagined “blizzard light” to be a bit more natural than it really is. Don’t be concerned, I didn’t go outside to do this, I just sat by my bay window which had ice developing on the inside of the window frame. Michigan is no joke. More like, my rental townhouse is as ancient as an Ent from Lord of the Rings. (That reference is what I call a “nerd alert.” Heads up, everyone.)

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