Vlogmas Preview

Blog Readers,

Forgive my technological naivete, but I’d like to do a quick test to see if my Vlogmas videos (currently only on YouTube at the Stitch Party channel) can join my old podcasts over on iTunes.  If so, I’ll be adding them there as well.

Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely day – it’s snowing buckets here and I’m avoiding shoveling at the moment.

Vlogmas 2017 – Just Do It

For the last few years, I’ve been really enjoying keeping up with Vlogmas videos, a challenge for the month of December to vlog (video blog) daily up until Christmas Day.  A number of my favorite podcasters take part, and I decided to jump in and give it a shot this year.

Of course, I’ve already had some issues – technologically, and schedule-wise – so I’ve managed to miss the entire second week of December (oh, life), but I’m hoping to get back on track for the remainder of the challenge.

Most of my vlogs have at least one crafty element (knitting, sewing, yarn, etc.), and sometimes a bit of cooking.  In the spirit of honesty, though, they are definitely focused on daily life, and I don’t have the cleanest apartment in the world, but truth is truth, yes?

Day One is below, but I’ll be catching up by sharing all my vlogs from the rest of Week One in the next few posts.  Everything is available on YouTube at my channel, Stitch Party.