PSA: New Microphone on its Way!

PSA: New Microphone on its Way!

Just in case anyone is wondering why there hasn’t been a new episode in awhile, I wanted to let y’all know (yes, folks, I’m Southern today) that I recently purchased a new podcasting microphone that is currently winging its way to my doorstep. As soon as it arrives, I’ll be sitting down to chat about my recent Alpaca-filled adventures in Oregon and share all my birthday spoils.  Here’s a preview photo:


 A face anyone could love, no?  These are some handsome gents.

In other news, I have also started a Ravelry group for fans of the podcast, which can be found here!  I’ve been so thrilled to see that more people are finding the podcast, and I figured it was finally time to actually get a group up and running.  I’m hoping to get a few more discussion threads up there to share FOs and WIPs, but first I need to take some photos of my own progress so I can start us off!

And just because I’m so excited and proud, I had to share that Feedburner tells me I have 99 subscribers as of today.  I feel like a popular kid, everyone.  And you made it happen.  Thanks for listening!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.53.05 PM





My podcast is officially available in the iTunes store!  This feels like a major accomplishment since I really had no idea how to create a feed, make an appropriately sized icon for the show, etc., etc. until I spent hours perusing the great, wide internet for solutions for every technical problem that presented itself.

How to find it: Search for “stitch party” in the store and then select the podcast category.  It will show up with this icon…

SP Logo

…and you’ll be able to subscribe from there.

Here’s a link:

I did manage to record Episode Two this past week and hope to edit this weekend, so stay tuned!