Vanilla Latte Socks

Happy 2018! I mean, happy 2019! This post has been sitting in my “drafts” folder for more than a year, so a little confusion about the date is normal from my perspective. These socks were a birthday gift for my husband in November of 2017 (LOL, I’m unbelievably on top of things) and are made out of Dream in Color Classy yarn in the colorway “Chocolate Night.” This yarn is incredibly soft, so my fingers are crossed that it will hold up well to regular wear; although I love cashmere, it’s not exactly the hardiest material. I did the heel and toe in some random coordinating green from my stash. I think it gives the socks a definite nature/tree vibe.

I used the Vanilla Latte pattern, which is free on Ravelry. It’s a good one – simple with a little interest – and I imagine I’ll use it for myself at some point. I think the pattern ends up being a little offset somehow after the heel turn (when it’s only on the top of the foot), but I obviously didn’t care enough to take any notes on this so it will probably happen next time, too. I’m trying to be less of a perfectionist, so I call this a win.

The weather here is currently a total disaster with gobs of snow, freezing rain, and something gross called “wintry mix.” I know I should be feeling lucky that this Michigan winter is only really hitting us in January (the Fall was really quite forgiving), but the addition of having a puppy to walk really makes it that much less pleasant to overcome. At least puppy likes snow.

I’ll be back with a backlog of makes, hopefully interspersed with more timely content. Time to get back on the (blog) horse.

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