Quadrillion in Progress

It’s been a long fall, and I’ve spent much of it knitting through anger, sadness, and frustration, but on the plus side, I’m partway through this sweater.


The pattern is Quadrillion by Meghan Fernandes from Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 6, published way back in Autumn 2013.  Something about that particular edition is magical – this is the third project I’ve knit from Issue 6 (I’ve also knit a Vermeil scarf and an Ardvasar hat), and I may keep forging ahead, because it’s that good.

I had a few setbacks, the main one being that I did not check the errata before starting, and that turned out to be a major learning experience.  When you purchase a paper copy of the magazine (which is completely worthwhile, as it’s beautiful and collectible) a digital download copy is included.  However, I had already used this code once to download the digital copy to my now-ancient Kindle Fire, and couldn’t download it a second time to my newer iPad mini.  Had I been working with an updated digital copy I think the errata would have been included in the pattern itself, but as it was, I had a paper copy in front of me which was not corrected.  So….I established the cable panel below incorrectly (without purl stitches in-between each cable) and proceeded to laboriously knit 40 rows that way.


After posing the question of “rip or fix?” to the Instagram knitting community, I decided to ladder all the way down to the ribbing to turn the columns of knit stitches into purls.  This was easier than I thought (although tedious) since most of the cables could be left alone.  I did have to fix one cable that had gone awry since the SSK and K2tog signs had been flipped in the original chart, but the rest of the repair was fairly straightforward.


I’ll admit to feeling like the back of this sweater will take forever, but by moving my locking stitch marker up every few nights, I do feel like I can see progress.  Onward and upward.

(By the way, I’m currently trying to learn Photoshop, so apologies as I continue to post photos that are a bit, ahem, clumsily edited.  Gotta start somewhere, I say.)




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