Episode 2: Curse of the Vanilla Sock

Well, you won’t be hearing about the Vanilla Sock Curse in the actual episode, but you can be sure it exists.  EVERY time I try to talk about my issues with knitting my first pair of vanilla socks, my microphone goes into super-crazy-psycho mode and proceeds to throw tons of feedback at me, thus ruining any chance you might actually hear about my sock knitting adventures.  It’s getting weird.

This weekend I’m off to Seattle and Portland, and I’m hoping to work in a little yarn shopping, even though I just did some yarn shopping at my nearby yarn mecca Paradise Fibers.  (see pictures below)

IMG_1664   IMG_1667IMG_1669IMG_1666

I’d like to say “oops” here, but I’m pretty excited about my new goods, even if I am breaking my New Years Resolution.

Once I’m back I’ll record Episode 3 and give a full report on all my yarn shopping experiences.  Stay tuned.

SHOW NOTES…thanks for your patience!


My Viajante (by Martina Behm) on Ravelry


My Seed Stitch Mittens (by Purl Bee) on Ravelry

On Deck:

My Balmy by Alicia Plummer

Hermione’s Everyday Sock Pattern by Erica Lueder


Samuel Smith’s Winter Warmer Ale, Three Philosopher’s Belgian Style Beer, Humboldt Hemp Ale.

K Vintners (of Walla Walla, WA) Viognier.


Still on Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan!


Cosmos on Fox, Sundays at 9 PM

This is the End (James Franco, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, etc.)

Hot Tub Time Machine (JOHN CUSACK, among others…)

CODA: Baby Knits

Wee Wildflower by Alana Dakos

Baby Bear Hat by Gilda Knits

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